From celebrated fashion magazine covers to distinguished designer sketches, illustrations have always been a fundamental part of fashion. Hence, today we are discussing fashion illustrations with talented illustrator and writer Naomi Alessandra Schultz from Inkbramble, an online illustrated magazine dedicated to fashion and culture. Naomi, who is persistently documenting runway trends through her illustrations every season, introduced us to her favorite illustrators, shared her thoughts on the future of fashion illustration, discussed her work and revealed her future plans.


Quite simply, illustration can express something — many things — that photography cannot. That is no slight to photography; I greatly admire the many incredible artists who work in that form. And yet, there is a glut of photography in the world, and whenever there is too much of anything, it can become tiresome. Illustration offers a new perspective, a view into a scene that can be less literal and therefore perhaps more impacted by the artist’s unique point of view. In my mind, there is plenty of room for both photography and illustration — and endless combinations of the two!

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