Sales Contract



ARTİCLE 1 – Parties
Title: Muhammed ŞENER/ RUERULES
Address: Piri Paşa District. Hörgüç Street. No:6-13 Beyoğlu/ İstanbul/ Türkiye
Phone: +90(0532) 641 57 07
Name/ Last Name/ Title:

ARTİCLE 2 – Topic
This agreement, the purchaser (consumer), of dealing with the mobile applications including e-commerce Web site belong to seller in electronic order to the following attributes and sales costs in relation to the sale and delivery of the product specified in the 6502 numbered in accordance with the provisions of the consumers Protection Law the rights and obligations of the parties. In this agreement the BUYER after confirming the İNTERNET SITE has ordered Product(s) in costs and expenses shall be collected by the selected payment method.

ARTİCLE 3 – Contract Products/ Payment/ Delivery Information
In electronic environment received product / product type, and type of, quantity, brand / model, the sales price, payment terms, delivery person, delivery address, billing information, shipping fee is as follows.


Brand, Product, Color, Size etc. ____ TL _ ___ TL
Order processing and shipping-cargo fees ___ TL

Payment Method: Credit Card / Cash
Delivery address:
The person to be delivered:
Second person to be delivered:
Bill Address:

ARTİCLE 4 – Contract Period;
Contract Date, the date of the order by the Purchaser __ / __ / ____ __: __ is the date.
At the time of signing the contract if unforeseeable situations emerges out of the control of the parties, out of one or of both the debt and responsibility that they installed a contract with the party with the advent of the fulfilled partially or in whole or in situations that make it impossible to fulfill them on time, force majeure (natural disasters, war terrorism, riots, changing legislation, confiscation or strikes, lockouts, production and significant breakdown in communication facilities etc.) will be considered.
Force majeure party held in person, shall immediately notify and in writing to the other party.
Duration of the force majeure if the parties can not do their tasks they will not hold any other responsibilities. If force majeure situation continues for 1 month, each party will have a right to terminate the contract.

ARTİCLE 5 – Rights and Obligations of the Seller
5.1 6502 numbered on the Protection of Consumers in the Law and Distance Contracts of Practice and in accordance with provisions of the Regulation on Procedures SELLER accepts and undertake all tasks in the contract except situations like force majeure circumstances or weather conditions that prevent transport, such as the cessation of transportation.
5.2 People under the age of 18 (eighteen) can not make purchases from SELLER shall be considered right that the age of the buyer pointed out in the contract. However SELLER does not accept any liability whatsoever due to the misspelling of age by the Buyer.
5.3 Contract products, will be delivered to Buyer or at the address indicated by the BUYER legal 30 (thirty) for each product, on condition that it does not exceed days, depending on the distance to the buyer’s settlement within the period described in the preliminary information on the internet site In the absence of any one will deliver the address to track the shipment of products by contacting the shipping company is the buyer’s responsibility. If the product will deliver to another person or institution and the person/institution is not at the address to be delivered or not accept the delivery in these reasons SELLER will not be responsible for it. In such cases, with any loss resulting from late receipt of the recipient’s products have been waiting for the product to the shipping company and / or expenses resulting from the cargo will be returned to the seller the responsibility has the buyer.
5.4 SELLER is responsible with the, contract means the product is solid, complete qualifications specified in the order, and there is guarantee documents and user manuals supplied with the product.
5.5 Shopping with can be done credit card (Visa, MasterCard), PayPal, door cash payment, shopping payment by bank transfer or credit card at the door. Orders will be canceled if this is not transferred in 3 (three) days. The time the processing of orders, not when the order is placed, the transfer is done or the required collection of credit card accounts (EFT) resembles determined to get to the bank account. Payment methods like postal checks carried out without consultation with the customer service delivery will not be accepted.
5.6 Product must be paid in accordance with the method of payment is determined by the Buyer and should have been sent electronically to the SELLER approval. With any other reason product price will not be paid or if the product price will be canceled in the bank records, SELLER will not have the liability for the product delivery. In such a case the SELLER shall inform the buyer in writing.
5.7 If the SELLER understand the product’s inability to supply five from the date he learned of this case in (5) days a clearly with appropriate way to inform buyers of law and oral / written consent another of equal quality and price of goods / services can provide and in this way it shall be considered to have fulfilled subject of the contract .BUYER is free every way to whether such approval and in cases not approval where the order cancellation (termination of contract) for contractual-legal provisions shall apply in.

ARTİCLE 6 – Rights and Obligations of the Buyer
6.1 BUYER accepts the all tasks responsibility in the contract except for acts of force majeure.
6.2 BUYER, considered to have accepted the terms of the contract, as he accepts and undertakes to order.
6.3 BUYER declares that the necessary confirmation electronically, in internet basic characteristics of the contract products on the site, preliminary information relating to delivery and payment of the sale price that will have the information.
6.4 Depending on the previous article BUYER, product order and the payment terms, the measures taken against possible situation and it is made on notice order / payment procedure information that it has get the information and declares that the necessary confirmation electronically.
6.5 If the BUYER wishes to return the taken product whatever the means to prevent damage to products and packaging, returned immediately agreed to refund the original bill and delivery note.

ARTİCLE 7 – Order/Payment Procedure
TL including VAT added to the shopping cart of the product (the total amount of installments in the installment process) after it is approved by the buyer, it will be processed through the virtual POS of the relevant bank card. Therefore, before the products are shipped, order confirmation e-mail is sent to the buyer. Without Order Confirmation mail will not be delivery. Mail delivery confirmation process should be expected necessarily by the BUYER for supply of orders, payment and order to prevent any interruption. The buyer will be necessarily informed any disruption in the process status or problems resulting from issue by way of credit card phone / fax / e-mail. If it will be necessary BUYER might have a meeting with the bank. When the processing of orders, not when the order is placed, or the transfer is done. İt is the required collection of credit card accounts (reminiscent EFT), reached our account that we determined. An exceptional case if the product stock problem is encountered, the customer will immediately inform, it can be sent a new product in line with the desire of customers, product could be expected to enter the stock and / or orders may be canceled.
In, for buyers who do not want to use the credit card information on the internet, PayPal, pay with a credit card at the door, the door to pay cash, are presented in order to cash transfer amenities. BUYER can select most suitable bank transfer (a wire transfer) for himself. If EFT is done the date will be taken into account. Wire transfer and / or while EFT “Sender Information” Writing should be identical with the order number and billing information. It continues working for other means of payment.
Three (3) business days of the order, will be canceled automatically by the system if it is not done the wire transfer. When the processing of orders, not when the order is placed, or the transfer is done, it is the moment when required collection of credit card accounts (EFT) determined to Seller’s account. After delivery of the product somehow caused by the fault of the buyer’s credit card or the Buyer unauthorized unfair or the product price and ,if the related bank or financial institution will not pay the price to the Seller, the product that provided will be delivered back to the Seller in 3 (three) days. In this case the BUYER has the responsibility of the shipping costs.
BUYER declares that the necessary confirmation electronically in and it has read the related informations .Due to the previous paragraph, product transport and delivery terms, that the warning measures taken and held against possible situation Shipment / Delivery Procedures.

ARTİCLE 8 – Cargo/Delivery Procedure;
With the order confirmation e-mail, Buyer’s product / products will be given of the shipping company, negotiated owned Yurtiçi Kargo and / on the website, as described in the preliminary information.
Contract product / products negotiated The Yurtiçi Kargo and / or, as described in the preliminary information on the website with the address indicated in the cargo itself, or at the address shown by the person / organization will be delivered. Delivery period, after the order confirmation e-mail sent, in Istanbul it should be in 14 (fourteen) working days, outside Istanbul is 21 (twentyone) working days. The products will be sent with the delivery notice when the shipping company not doing the address delivery.
Shipping Companies in the region where one day at the week delivery it may hang situations like in cases where errors or omissions in the information referred to, in some cases, such as social events and natural disasters. This time, shall not exceed at all events according to Law No. 6502 within thirty (30) days. can not be hold responsible for the extra shipping costs if the product will be delivered to another person/entity apart from the Buyer and this delivery will not be accepted or errors in transferring information.
Company officials immediately feel concerned with the subject, and will provide the solution if product/products will not deliver to customer for these problems when reached by e-mail or phone to the customer service. For not having delivery problems the buyer’s shipping information must be full and complete. Buyer should be at the address to be delivered and comply with the delivery procedure. In case the package is damaged; By receiving the packages damaged Courier delivery must be attached immediately report to authorities. BUYER has right to the recorded in a report if the Cargo company authority thinks that the product is not damaged, package can open under the supervision of officials checked , undamaged and delivered. Shipping Company for delivery must be attached immediately report to authorities if there is deficiency in package by rejecting the package that contains the missing products. Failure operated by the Buyer of this procedure, Shipping on the package delivered damaged or missing the company can not make any claim, liability will remain in customers.
After receiving has been done with any other procedure by the Buyer task of the Cargo Company will be considered full and complete. If the package has not been accepted and proceedings taken this situation must be reported as soon as possible to Customer Service with a copy of the proceedings. Our Customer Service will act immediately to solve the problem.
Seller is obliged to notify in writing the status of the receiver in situations like force majeure or shipping preventing adverse weather conditions, emergency situations, such as the interruption of transportation reasons and because of it delays of products. In this case Buyer can cancel the order and want if the contract products to replaced with peers until the clear off blocking situation of the delivery. If the Buyer cancel the order the amount buyer pays according to the payment will be paid back to the Buyer paid in cash to him in the form of a lump sum refund or a credit card. BUYER confirm and states the he has necessary information in electronic form of Product Returns / Warranty and Service Procedures informations, Application Conditions, Withdrawal Rights in case problems may occur after the delivery of the product, defective products, product installation, technical support and service.

ARTİCLE 9 – ( Right of withdrawal ) / Warranty and Service Procedure:
Product Installation:
If received products needs a special installation with the bill requires it can be get information from the specified product technical support number,and also you can find technical support. You can call customer service phone line and e-mail can be sent to our company for the special cases relating to the installation and requests.
Product Return (Right of Withdrawal):
BUYER has right to the withdraw from the contract in 14 (fourteen) days without showing any reason and without paying penalty clauses. Buyer clearly commits that he has the knowledge the existence of a right of withdrawal and duration of this right. If this right will be used in the specified duration, product must be sent to the above address in 10 (ten) days and costs being covered by the Buyer.
BUYER is responsible for the changes that occur and disriptions like usage because of the habitual use of the property exceeding in the duration of the right of withdrawal. If SELLER detects a usage beyond the usual review for product then Seller does not take back the product and does not return the fee. In this case, in here the buyer’s right of withdrawal will not be able to talk about.
Usage of the product returns (right of withdrawal), at first must be notified by e-mail or telephone to customer service. Sending the return of the product information is forwarded to the buyer by authorities. After this meeting Buyer must deliver the delivery address with the shipping company and product (If entitlement to promotion, the product have been issue the sales or orders given the integral promotion of the product in the nature of integral part), the product of the original invoice and cargo delivery record to the Seller. If the certain conditions will provide promotional items are earned for and this situation is described in the preliminary information on the internet site If partial or full refund, and the promotion conditions have changed then in this case promotional items must be returned. If the promotional items will not be returned it’s becoming subject matter to normal sales it will be billed to customers with suitable charged by If the original invoice will not be sent Value Added Tax and any other legal obligations can not be returned. When the product reached to the Seller it will be consider as returned product if it’s provides specified conditions, payment will be made to the buyer’s credit card account. Returns that are made reflection period on credit card accounts it is about possessions of the bank. The returned product with the right of withdrawal, shipping costs will be covered by the Buyer. In case of defective product refund terms are defined in the warranty chapter.
Products that cannot be used Right of Withdrawal:
There is no right of withdrawal by law in the following goods / services related to contracts, even if they have not unused / benefited:
Buyer’s specific requests or prepared in accordance with his personal needs goods (on changes or additions by making individual / personal needs also made private, within the country Based on the BUYER order or out of it, imported / supplied including special products)
Products such as cosmetics etc. and foods such as chocolate or perishable goods that could be late for expiration time.
Goods like cosmetics, swimwear, underwear, etc. products. after delivery such as packaging, tape, seals, protective elements package been opened and returned is not appropriate in terms of health and hygiene.
After delivery, goods mixed with other products and goods which can not be decomposed by nature.
Protective elements such as packing, tape, seals, opened package, books, CDs, DVDs, audio and video recordings, software and so on. digital content of all kinds of computer products and supplies, all services and all kinds of intangible goods are delivered instantly to consumers and all services is performed electronically.
Goods or services that are not under the control of Seller/Provider and changing prices depending on fluctuations in the financial markets.
Other than those provided under the signed Subscription Contract, newspapers and periodicals such as magazines.
Services like needs to be done on a certain date or period, accommodation, transport of goods, car rental, food and beverage supply, leisure and entertainment and relaxation.
With consent of BUYER, Services started to running in the right of withdrawal duration.
İn general accordance with the relevant legislation considered outside the scope of distance selling with other goods and services for commercial / professional purposes cases where the buyer makes a purchase.
Therefore, the avoidance of possible victimization, should be very careful not to make mistakes referred to in the purchase of the products and services.

Warranty Policy:
By the Buyer warranty documents should take into consideration before buying the products. When on-site service and care guarantee of a product is requested which does not provide for it, various difficulties and dissatisfaction may occur. The issue is the most sensitive matter for not to experience such cases. It is provided by the exporters / producers company warranty of products. Buyers must read the product manual that comes with the product or call the technical support consulting line and get information. Buyer will take the necessary service or onsite service centers covered by the warranty conditions if Buyer apply for the product with the bill if the product is defective or faulty. Buyer can call numbers that posted on our site or comes with bill to reach the nearest service point.
In case of under warranty product failure can not be solved, importer / manufacturer is responsible for changes with new products / counterpart, issues such as the supplying the other products. reserves the right to take to cargo price and if necessary, to arranged new documents and / or want if necessary delivery of the new / counterpart products to the buyer by the importer / manufacturer company.

Article 10 – The case of Conflicts Authorized Courts and Execution Offices;

Any conflicts that are resulting from the application of the Contract until the amount been announced in December of each year by Industry and Commerce Ministry. Consumer Arbitration Boards and in Seller and Buyer’s settlement area Consumer Courts are authorized.
In case of occurrence of the order BUYER accepts all the terms of in this agreement. __/__/___ __:__


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