Mercedes Benz 2017 Fashion Week

Mercedes Benz 2017 Fashion Week
Let’s wrap it up a bit further, remember the 8th Istanbul Fashion Week sponsored by Mercedes Benz. All of you introduced SS / 17 collections of designers. Atıl Kutoğlu, Özlem Süer, Özgür Masur, Dilek Hanif and many more they presented the collections they prepared with care. It was a long weekend full of fashion. Fashion lovers participating in the Zorlu PSM organized contest competed with each other to look cool and trendy and effortless. The famous blogger Ümit Temurçin is preferred RUERULES. And It was necessary to be a bit striking when it was fashion week. And burgundy color biker jacket was the Ümit’s preference which he looked great with it. Love from here…?


No surprises. We talk about fashion here.

Designers have already showed their glad rags; no doubt 2017 spring-summer has been so dynamic. We go into particular sections in the further post, however, we would like to introduce Ruerules as our first scribbling now.? You could take out your Céline sunglasses, wear your purse and check out our new brand “Ruerules”. As you know, biker jackets, black dresses and basic t-shirts are wearable for every season that many choose them as a short-cut to basic accustomed fashion of today which are also a must-have apparel for everyone.✔️
Unfortunately, we all know that it would have taken a long time to buy what we desire, and at the end of shopping tours, we could barely get what we wished for. Nonetheless, Ruerules with innovative design and professional designers is filling the hole in your hearts. As our brand is designing only for men, Ruerules has a cool looking large selection of leather jackets for those who want to look charismatic effortlessly. Ruerules is out there not letting women leave men behind in fashion. (shown above), how great Franck Durand the husband of the main editor of vogue paris Emmanuella Alt, looks in his jacket right? Nothing left to say except wishing Ruerules all the best for now.



Fashion Illustration

From celebrated fashion magazine covers to distinguished designer sketches, illustrations have always been a fundamental part of fashion. Hence, today we are discussing fashion illustrations with talented illustrator and writer Naomi Alessandra Schultz from Inkbramble, an online illustrated magazine dedicated to fashion and culture. Naomi, who is persistently documenting runway trends through her illustrations every season, introduced us to her favorite illustrators, shared her thoughts on the future of fashion illustration, discussed her work and revealed her future plans. Continue reading “Fashion Illustration”